We, Herold Musikinstrumente, Ursula Herold the renowned company for musical instruments in Klingenthal / Germany, remembered the violin making tradition of our city.

More than 300 years of very eventful history of musical instrument making in the town on the “Aschberg” mountain led to the fact that the memory of violin making disappeared for many years.

This long tradition inspired us to resume violin making in 2013 under the brand name “Bergkamm®“.

The great experience of generations of master violinmakers from our region, the “Vogtländischer Musikwinkel”, plays an important role here.

All “Bergkamm®” violins produced locally in the region are made to the highest standards of craftsmanship for professional soloists, aspiring professional musicians, amateurs, students and beginners.

Our master violin makers use the best wood, strings and components for each instrument. These are combined with perfect craftsmanship to create a premium product with the highest standards of sound quality and beautiful appearance.

The first presentation of the instruments took place in 2015 on the occasion of the “Frankfurt Music Fair” and attracted many musicians and dealers at home and abroad. Since then, the “Bergkamm” brand has continued to develop and is appreciated by many musicians around the world.

Bergkamm®” violins are distinguished by a logo that follows the seal of the old Klingentahl guild of violin makers from its founding year 1716.