Setting up the bridge

HOWTO_Setup_Bridge_72dpi (PDF Document)

Care about your string instrument

For the production of each high-quality violin, our experienced masters have carefully selected every piece of well-seasoned tone wood individually. Only the best European woods were used. The finest spruce and outstanding maple form the basis for this musical instrument.

Following the centuries-long tradition of the Klingenthal violin making, we still make every violin by hand.

By using passed on traditional craftsmanship together with up-to-date components and stringing high-quality strings, the violin is ready to give you lasting pleasure in making music.

Transport your Bergkamm® violin only in a suitcase provided for this purpose. Keep your violin open, standing on the side of the frame, but protected from direct sunlight and heat or cold. Make sure that the violin can not fall off.

High or low temperatures, excessive humidity and direct sunlight can damage your musical instrument. Avoid extreme external influences.

Clean your violin with a dry, soft cloth. Do not use liquids, solvents, or other chemicals to clean your violin.